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LinkedIn is where it’s at in terms of
building your career.  (If you're on LinkedIn and thinking "Now What?''- this IS for you!)

Well, let’s get on first name terms; I’m Sue Burke and I’m a Career Consultant from Liverpool now living in Wimbledon, London on a one woman mission to make planning your future fun!

This free training series will help you rev up your LinkedIn skills, so you can understand:

1.  The truth about recruitment and why you need to break the rules to the land your perfect job & what you need to do...

2.  Learn a great LinkedIn Hack so you don't need to pay for LinkedIn Premium - (this will save you a tonne of money in itself!)

 3.  Learn how to connect with ANYONE!!! on LinkedIn & why this is a great way to build connections & relationships.

4.  How to get your LinkedIn profile working in REAL world not just virtual!


Turns out those stories are true – that the interview process is usually a sham, done to tick all the legal boxes, while all along the recruiter has already hired someone else before they even gave you an interview. So even though it seemed that the job was written for you, you never stood a chance.

Makes you feel sick doesn’t it? 

All those hours filling in the application form, composing your cover letter and redoing your CV. Hours of the research on the company so you could impress them at the interview. And hours practicing what to say.  And all of that time and energy - wasted. 

But what if they had written it for YOU?  You're the one they want, and they're prepared to go through the motions of advertising a post just to get YOU in the position.  Wow!  
Wanna learn how do that? You know what to do…