Learn how to never apply for a job again!

  • From: Susan Burke

  • London, UK

Sue Burke

Isn’t it time you started planning or getting ahead in the career you want?
THE FACT IS, ITS NEVER TOO EARLY TO START THINKING AHEAD nor is it too late to get what you want…
I would love to have a chat with you and see if I can help!
Anyone can learn how to write a CV, cover letter and get their LinkedIn account all spruced up that is for sure.  That’s the easy bit, but what I do is a little different. In addition to all of the above, I provide insight, inspiration and strategy to make you believe that what you want, IS POSSIBLE.  That you CAN get what you want, and really make it happen. 
I will make you accountable for your own life decisions.  The clients I work with are by nature, action takers. They are doers not talkers! I understand if you’re a little nervous, I can give you the push you need but to make the difference, it needs to come from you.  I do tell it, as it is. I also practice what I preach.  
I will teach you how, what and why certain things need to be done.  By learning from me you will excel FAST, as you’re not having to learn by trial and error. This means when opportunities come banging on your door (and yes and they will!), you are fully prepared and ready to jump. I’ll teach you how to get people interested in you so that opportunities start coming to you, rather than you having to hunt them down!
You can review website after website, and let’s be honest, get bored to death in the meantime. Trawling through hundreds of sites to get all of the information you need is – let’s face it, extremely tedious! Think about when you’re searching for a holiday, looking at deal after deal – after a while everything looks exactly the same! We can do things a whole lot better, with everything you need all in one place but you have to start paying attention to what REALLY counts, and what counts is YOU!
So if you would like a FREE 20 minute 121 Career Launch then it’s time to book right now!  Don’t wait for another opportunity, you and I both know that if you don’t do it now – in reality, it won’t ever happen!
There’s a small catch (but only a teeny one)…
I only work with action takers, doers, not just talkers! I work with people who want the best out of life and want to go out and grab it by the horns!
If this sounds like you….and you’re looking for a bit of a PUSH, ACCOUNTABILTY, AND SUPPORT TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN, then this free 20 minute session will help you to visualise your successful career path and learn how to make it happen.
So if you would like my help in planning your career, hit the big button below to fill out a short questionnaire and tell me why you’re a good fit and why you and I should work together to help you excel FAST.
Live life on your terms…

Cheers Sue

These sessions are limited, I do not respond to all applications.  This is really for Go- Getters, people who are fast action takers and do the work to get the results they want.  Yes this is a two way process!  If that’s you.  I look forward to talking to you really soon.  Submit your details below and we’ll go from there.